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"We wish to accurately reflect the life that has been lived, and appropriately meet the needs of those we serve."

Our funeral home is a resource for the community.  The community is made up of a diverse group of people.  Every individual has their own unique beliefs and wishes for their own funeral.  We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of the entire community, whatever they may be.

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Traditional Funeral Service   

Some people prefer a traditional funeral service.  This would include calling hours, a funeral service, and burial in a cemetery.  Generally, the casket would be open to allow visitors the opportunity to view the deceased a final time.

"We firmly believe there is a great benefit to viewing a loved one upon their death.  Viewing your loved one “establishes the reality” that the death has occurred.  Also, oftentimes prior to death, individuals have suffered through disease or trauma.  By allowing your funeral director and embalmer to exercise their expertise, the final memory picture created of your loved one will be of a positive nature."

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A traditional funeral generally is held at the funeral home or at a church.  It is usually celebrated by a member of the clergy and often has a religious theme.  Usually scriptures are read, a message is delivered, and spiritual songs are played.

We absolutely encourage adding personal touches to these traditional funerals.  During calling hours it is very acceptable to display pictures from throughout the deceased’s life.

"It is even now popular to create a photo montage that is set to music and recorded to a VHS tape or a DVD and shown during calling hours.  We do offer this option."

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We also encourage eulogies and poems to be read, stories to be told, and various forms of music played.  We like to display cherished possessions of the deceased and encourage active participation from immediate family members.

Variations of the traditional funeral are becoming popular as well.  Evening funeral services, laymen celebrants, and casual, celebratory atmospheres are being selected more and more to truly depict the life that has been lived. 

Cremation Services

Cremation is also an accepted and frequent means of final disposition.  Those who choose cremation do so for multiple reasons.  Many are concerned for the conservation of land, while others prefer an immediate return to nature.  Some enjoy the flexibility offered by cremation when planning memorial services around out-of-town guests or other schedule conflicts, and some people select cremation simply based upon their own family tradition.  Cremation options generally are less expensive than traditional funeral services; however, price is many times not the main concern for those families who choose cremation.

"Cremation can not occur until 24 hours after the death and the funeral home is in receipt of a death certificate signed by the doctor."

 Families that select cremation have several options.  A direct cremation would provide for our staff to transfer the deceased from the place of death, complete necessary paperwork, and then allow the cremation to occur.  No calling hours or services are held.

At the other end of the spectrum, every aspect of a traditional funeral could be selected except for burial in the cemetery.  In this situation, instead of driving to the cemetery after the service at our funeral home or church, our staff would transport the deceased to the crematory.  Burial in a cemetery, scattering of the cremated remains, or any other means of disposition can take place following the cremation. 

Families should know there are several options between a direct cremation and the traditional funeral followed by cremation.  Rely on our experience to assist you with these plans.

"We strongly encourage some type of calling hours or service for the family."

 Allowing the public and other family members to come to you in a comfortable environment will help mourners tremendously as they face their grief.  Receiving hugs and words of comfort from well-wishers acknowledges the value of your loved one’s life and validates all of the emotions you experience.

Anatomical Donations

 Our funeral home can also assist those families who wish to make an anatomical donation to a medical college.  There is an application that must be completed and approved prior to death and specific criteria must be met.  The funeral home is not allowed to perform embalming so no public visitations or services with the body present are possible. 

 It is still recommended that a memorial service or calling hours be observed.  Cremation occurs after the medical college has fully utilized the anatomical donation.  Families will need to make a decision on the final disposition of the cremated remains.  We will assist you with every detail.

"We strive to exceed expectations as we dedicate ourselves to offering the most appropriate services for our families."

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